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Storms never last do they baby.

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Storms never last?

It is now 12:49 pm, MST.  On Friday, the first (1st) day of February 2019.

Sorry Dr. Hook.

With ALL! due respect.

It was! a favorite song during teen years.

And it IS! ...... YOUR! human right to sing what YOU! want to sing.


With NOT! good heart and soul saddening personal memories NOT! lighting the corners of MY! mind.

Going back about fifty! (50) years to age of 4 or 5.  THIS! grown up ..... I'm a BIG! girl now ..... DOES! disagree.

Has! learned some! storms do! lessen in severity but may never! come to an end.  And only time! will continue to tell.

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Heartsong Connections

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Divine Presence and Presents of Spirit 

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This page is not finalized.

But please have no! doubt.  This has only! just begun.

First (1st) public release of a new beginning ..... with a LOT! ..... INTENDED! to come ..... was done:

Friday, the first (1st) day of February 2019 from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.  Approximately 02:46 pm, MST.

Last update for public release completed 01/02/2019.  Approximately 04:00 pm, MST.  STILL! in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.