Welcome to:  www.HeartsongConnections.ca.

Being a Company website SOON! to be removed from the internet.  Replaced (for the time being) by:


To be publically released as soon! as possible with my sincere! apologies to new and returning visitors

for ANY! confusion.  I AM! sorry.  This WASN'T! in the plans.  But it IS! how things HAVE! worked out.

And HOPE! this note WILL! be considered polite courtesy vs option of removal with NO! explanation.

But IN! hindsight?

Proceeding with THAT! decision DOES! seem to be turning out to be a GREAT! decision NOW! made.

Maybeeeee you'll decide to take a look.  There MIGHT! be something of interest.

But you won't! know if you don't! give it a fair chance.

Thanks! for your patience!

Take! care.

Hallie Ann Dodd

Medium, Photographer and Primary Owner of Heartsong Connections

It is now Tuesday.  The Nineteenth (19th) day of February 2019.  Approximately 10:19 pm, MST.

And yes.

I DO! need to figure out EXACTLY! how to RESPECTFULLY! handle images such as the following.

Please click on any! image to open the very! mini gallery for full size viewing/comparison of details.

But in the meantime?

You're welcome to visit the following websites if you'd like to.

Image #1293 - Mid September 2014 - Photographer Hallie Ann Dodd / Heartsong Connections / Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.